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This website, currently containing over 14,00 webpages, 40,000+ total files, and 23 languages - was built and is maintained by a single individual. This is not to be braggadocious but rather to highlight a critical technology principle that made this all possible -- the use of a standard format and method (a so-called 'exemplar') to contain and process the text of each language version of The Urantia Book presented on this website.

It is these 'exemplar' files (the format for which was first developed and introduced by Troy Bishop),  that are used throughout this website to build all UB-based webpages and search engine tools! Details regarding the format and use of exemplar files can be found in Troy's "Urantia Book Programming Guide" here.

And so, USGNY is please to offer the Urantia community a comprehensive set of advanced, technology-oriented, multi-lingual viewing and search tools that we hope will facilitate and enrich your reading, study, and research of the Fifth Epochal Revelation.


USGNY offers three types of Urantia Book Search Engines (for all available languages!) all driven by the same powerful search core. But each of these search engines differ with regard to the look and feel and are appropriate for different platforms (desktop, tablet, or smart phone) depending on your needs. A brief overview of each search engine is available below.

In addition, USGNY offers an English Urantia Book Glossary containing over 1,500 key Urantia Book terms with definitions, and "quick-view" references to every single occurrence of the term within The Urantia Book. Other language versions are planned.

And finally, USGNY offers the Glossarized Urantia Book, a resource that provides a "quick-view" definition of terms within the reading pane (page), a "quick-view" of the early occurrences of the term, a link to the glossary for all occurrences of the term - all without leaving the reading pane!

Tools to Enhance Your Study

Any language Search Engines
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