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 With the Most Inclusive and Up-To-Date Collection of Urantia Book Translations

NOTES: 1 The English version of The Urantia Book is in the pulic domain. 2: Translations not otherwise otherwise designated below are copyrighted by Urantia Foundation and offered here by permission.

LangeBook DescriptionsTarget Language OnlyWith English

Arabic Translation كِتاب يورانشيا في اللغة العربية

Arabic Translation eBook: كِتاب يورانشيا في اللغة العربية, Arabic Only, or the Arabic-English, side-by-side version. NOTE: Editing is ongoing withReviewers needed. If you have excellent language skills in Arabic and English, please contact us @ منقح الترجمةاللغة العربية فقط
العربية + الإنجليزية

Bulgarian translation : Книгата Урантия

Bulgarian Translation eBook: Книгата Урантия Arabic-English eBOOKСамо български
Български + английски

Croatian Translation : Knjiga Urantije - Kazalo

Croatian Translation eBook: Knjiga Urantije - KazaloCroatian-English eBOOKSamo hrvatski
Hrvatski + engleskiи

Dutch Translation : HET URANTIA BOEK

Dutch Translation eBook: HET URANTIA BOEKeBookAlleen Nederlands
Nederlands + Engels

English SRT Version of The Urantia Book

The (English) Urantia eBook: SRT(Standard Reference Text)-compliant versionEnglish Only

Estonian Translation : URANTIA RAAMAT

Estonian Translation eBook: URANTIA RAAMAT a eBookEesti Ainult
Eesti + inglise keel

Farsi Translation : کتاب یورنشیا

Farsi Translation eBook: کتاب یورنشیا کتاب یورنشیا eBookفقط فارسی
فارسی + انگلیسی

Finnish Translation : Urantia-kirjan

Finnish Translation eBook: Urantia-kirjanSuomi vain
Suomi + englanti

French Translation : Livre d'Urantia

French Translation eBook: Livre d'Urantia eBookEn français seulement
Français + Anglais

German Translation : DAS URANTIA BUCH

German Translation eBook: DAS URANTIA BUCHNur Deutsch
Deutsch + Englisch

Greek Translation : Ουράντια βιβλίο

Greek Translation eBook: ΟΥΡΆΝΤΙΑ ΒΙΒΛΊΟeBookΜόνο Ελληνικά
Ελληνικά + Αγγλικά

Hungarian Translation : Az Urantia könyv

Hungarian Translation eBook: Az Urantia könyv eBookCsak magyarul
Magyar + Angol

Italian Translation : Il Libro di Urantia

Italian Translation eBook: Il Libro di UrantiaSolo Italiano
Italiano + Inglese

JapaneseTranslation : ウランティア・ブック

Japanese Translation eBook: ウランティア・ブック日本語のみ

Korean Translation : 유랜시아 책

Korean Translation eBook: 유랜시아 책 (Original version)한국어 전용
한국어 + 영어

Korean Translation : 유랜시아 책

Korean Translation eBook: 유랜시아 책 (URKA version)한국어 전용
한국어 + 영어

Lithuanian Translation : URANTIJOS KNYGA

Lithuanian Translation eBook: URANTIJOS KNYGATik Lietuvis
Lietuvių + Anglų

Polish Translation : KSIEGA URANTII

Polish Translation eBook: KSIEGA URANTIITylko Polskie
Polski + Angielski

Portuguese Translation : O LIVRO DE URANTIA

Portuguese Translation eBook:O LIVRO DE URANTIAApenas em português
Português + Inglês

Romanian Translation : CARTEA URANTIA

Romanian Translation eBook: CARTEA URANTIANumai românesc
Română + Engleză

Russian Translation : Книга Урантия

Russian Translation eBook: Книга Урантия, Russian only eBOOK eBookТолько Русский
Русский + английский

Spanish Translation : El Libro De Urantia

Spanish Translation eBook: LOS ESCRITOS DE URANTIASolo español
Español + Ingles

Swedish Translation : Urantiaboken

Swedish Translation eBook: UrantiabokenEndast svenska
Svenska + Engelska

Turkish Translation : Urantia'nin Kitabi

Turkish Translation eBook: Urantia'nin KitabiTurkish Translation of The Urantia Book download ePubSadece türkçe
Türkçe + Ingilizce


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