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UBwebsites.com, a Urantia Society of Greater New York resource, provides a directory of more than 300 Urantia-related websites. This directory covers a spectrum of topics of potential interest to those looking for additional resources, ideas, communities, and other information related to the Fifth Epochal Revelation.

Please note, this directory is non-discriminatory and provides references for some websites considered by some to be 'fringe elements" of the Urantia movement. We leave this matter to your discretion and have generally grouped the website listings by general similarity for ease of reference.

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The Urantia Book, first published by Urantia Foundation in 1955, purports to have been presented by celestial beings as a revelation to our planet, Urantia.

The writings in The Urantia Book instruct us on the genesis, history, and destiny of humanity and on our relationship with God, our Universal Father. They present a unique and compelling portrayal of the life and teachings of Jesus. They open new vistas of time and eternity to the human spirit, and offer new details of our ascending adventure in a friendly and carefully administered universe.

The Urantia Book offers a clear and concise integration of science, philosophy, and religion. Those who read and study it believe that The Urantia Book has the capacity to make a significant contribution to the religious and philosophical thinking of people worldwide.

The Urantia Book is not a "religion" per se. It builds upon the religious heritages of the past and present, encouraging a personal, living religious faith.

Readers around the world say that reading The Urantia Book has profoundly affected them and often changed their lives. It has inspired them to reach new levels of spiritual growth and enhanced their sense of the value of human life. Adapted from the Urantia Foundation website.

All websites and reference sources listed below are periodically reviewed to ensure they are primarily focused on The Urantia Book and its teachings.

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The Urantia Book Fellowship
URANTIA Foundation
Urantia Association International
The Urantia Book Translation Portal
Urantia Book Multi-lingual Search Engines
Square Circles Publishing
The Urantia Book Historical Society
Get a FREE Urantia Book

Jesus-focused Study Groups

Annual cycle of readings from The Urantia Book, with special emphasis on Part IV: The Life and Teachings of Jesus (CLICK HERE)

Jesus-focused Websites


Introductions to The Urantia Book

Spiritual Quote of the Day
Table of Contents
Introduction to The Urantia Book
Importants Excerpts from The Urantia Book
Regarding The Urantia Book
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Wikipedia Encyclopedia Entry
Urantia Book Reviews
Reader Responses to Urantia FAQ's
50 Reasons Why You Should Read The Urantia Book
The URANTIA Book: After having read this book you shall change your life...
Overview/Syllabus of the UB
The Twenty Most-Asked Questions
A Collection of Reviews and Articles About The Urantia Book
Through the Year with The Urantia Book

Full Text or Audio of The Urantia Book Online

The Urantia Book Fellowship Online Study Edition
TruthBook.com (Includes Built-in Audio Version)
URANTIA Foundation
Urantia Explorer (Created by Troy Bishop)
The Urantia Book Fellowship
Master Universe Almanac Edition Based on 1955 First Printing Text
Multiple Formats Text Download Plus Audio Download
The Truth of Urantia
Jesus of Urantia
Audio Urantia Book
UrantiaStudy.com: Featuring Larger Text Fonts
Norm Du Val: 1955 Version With Words of Jesus in Red

Translations of The Urantia Book

The Multilingual Urantia Book
Arabic Urantia Book
کتاب یورنشیا Farsi (Persian) translation of The Urantia Book
Kniga Urantije
Het Urantia Boek
Le Livre d'Urantia
Das Urantia Buch
Il Libro Di Urantia
Yuransia Caeg
Urantijos Knyga
Ksiega Urantii
O Livro do Urantia
Kniga Urantii
El Libro de Urantia
Urantia'nin Kitabi (Turkish Translation)
Polylingual Search
The Art of Translations
The Urantia Book Translation Portal

Discussion Groups

UBRON (Urantia Book Readers Online Network)
TruthBook.com Urantia Book Forum
UAI Urantia Book Forum
The Urantia Board
ubronMAX Urantia Forum

Facebook Groups

Urantia Group
Christian Urantians
The Urantia Revelation
UBRON: Urantia Book Readers Online Network
Friends of The Urantia Book Fellowship
Spiritual Spectrum
Minister Pato Banton
Fans of The Urantia Book
Urantia Book Teachings
Fans of Cosmic Citizen Radio
Urantia Book Debate Room
The Urantia Book

Sources of Books and Study Aids

Urantia Book Store
URANTIA Foundation
Ascender Publishing
Square Circles Publishing

Study Groups Throughout the World

[Int'l] Urantia Book Study Group Directory
The Urantia Book Fellowship's North American Directory
The Urantia Board Community U.S., Canada, and Worldwide Directory
Urantia Study Group Portal
UB Enthusiasts "Meetups"
The first Indian website dedicated for introducing the universal truths of the Urantia Book

UB-based Studies

Urantia Book Conference 2014
Truthbook.com's UB Search Engine
Topical Index
Fellowship Publications Archive Search Engine
Urantia Book UBSE5 Search Engine
Multilingual Search Engines
Jeffrey Wattles
Video Classes with Chris Halvorson
Synopsis of The Urantia Book
God, Man, and Supreme
Master Universe Almanac
A Study of the Master Universe
A 282-Page Comprehensive Digest of the UB
UBIS (Urantia Book Internet School)
Urantia University
The Boulder Urantia Study Group
Atlanta Urantia Book Study Group
Urantia Research
84 Citations of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in the UB
Local Universe Organization Chart
Superuniverse Organization Chart
Paradise Organization Chart
Science and The Urantia Book
Troy Bishop's Ascender Site
Square Circles Publishing
Urantia Book Astronomy
The Trinity Concept
Evolution of the Supreme
Universe Tour
The UB Workbooks by William S. Sadler, M.D.
Bill Sadler's Master Universe Series
Study Help
Eden Emerging: A Timeline
Seeking Wisdom
The Urantia Book Historical Society
The Urantia Revelatory Process
Websters Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

UB-Bible Bridges

The Paramony by Duane Faw
Jesus A Revelation of God by Laurence Whelan
Building Urantia Book Bridges
A Comparative Study of the Life and Teachings of Jesus
An Introduction to the UB for Conservative Christians
Pure Christians Website With UB Perspective
The UB and Christian Fundamentalism
The Meredith J. Sprunger Archive for Christian Clergy
How Christian is The Urantia Book?

UB Videos and Slide Shows

Inspiring Movies and Videos Based on the UB
Perfecting Horizons: Adventures in Cosmic Thinking
Mo Siegel Interviews Meredith Sprunger
Paula Thompson, Part One of Three Videos
Halbert Katzen Video
A Feast of Uncertainty
James Woodward Video

The Urantia Book on Radio

The Cosmic Citizen UB Online Radio Show
Symmetry of Soul
Speeches and Radio Broadcasts of Vern Bennom Grimsley
Planet Urantia
Urantia Book Radio

UB-inspired Novels

The Seven Circles by Richard S. Omura
The Sandal Maker by A. Michaelson
Gabriel Versus Lucifer Author Anonymous

UB-inspired Non-fiction

Chronicle of the Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth
Adam And Eve: A Tragic Love Story by Louis J. Bartolomeo
Gospel Gospel: An Expanded Biography by Louis J. Bartolomeo
And Then We Die: The Paradise Adventure by Louis J. Bartolomeo
The Multilevelate Universe by Troy Bishop
Starwind by Troy Bishop
Bright World of Choice by Troy Bishop
An Introduction to the Urantia Revelation by David Bradley
The Call of the Spirit by Merritt Horn
Assorted Kindle Editions by A. Cercatore (Ed Joyce)
Assorted Paperback Books by A. Cercatore (Ed Joyce)
21 Steps to a Spiritual Awakening by Harry McMullan
The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand by Ed Roache

UB-inspired Art

Beam's Doorway
Digital Illustrations Of UB Concepts by Troy Bishop
Cosmic Landscapes by Terry Kruger
The Sacred and Visionary Art of Jeff Haworth
Angelic Art by Rees Marlatt
FusionArt by Rassouli
Vision Afar by Gary Tonge
UB Comix by Don Tyler
Holly Carmichael
Urantia Art
Fantastic Realism of Robert Venosa
UB-based eCards

UB-inspired Music

Pato Banton
Words of Christ I through IV by Pato Banton
Music for an Urantian Mind by Rien
Urantia Music by Denver Pearson

UB-inspired Poetry

Elan Vital: A Story of God and Man by Suzanne Marie Kelly
The Sacred Cycle by Troy R. Bishop
Multimedia Presentation of The Sacred Cycle

Journals and Newsletters

The Fellowship Herald
The Urantian Journal
Urantia Brotherhood Bulletin, Mighty Messenger and More
Urantia Association International (UAI) Journal
TIDINGS from Associations around Urantia
Innerface International
Lone Star Light Newsletter
Urantia Now
Spiritual Fellowship Journal

Weblogs (Blogs)

The Omega Word
Wandering Urantian
Planet Urantia
Thoughts and Inspiration Around The Urantia Book
Broadcast Urantia
Rajan C. Mathew
Angel John
Virtual Urantia
The Urantia Board
Urantian Sojourn

Loving Service

The United Urantia Family Festival
Evolving Our Souls With Celestial Wisdom
UB Youth Site
Urantia Now
InnerLife International
The Retreat Network
Urantia Nations Outreach
UBIM: The Urantia Book International Ministry
The Joshua ben Joseph Project
Free Schools World Literacy
The Global Endeavor
The Spiritual Fellowship
Global Community Communications Alliance

Societies, Associations, and Book Clubs

Urantia Association International (UAI)
Urantia Association of the United States
Urantia Alaska
First Society
Los Angeles Society
Golden Gate Circle Society
Lone Star Light (Texas) UA
Oklahoma Society for Readers of The Urantia Book
Florida Students of The Urantia Book
Urantia Book Society of Greater New York (UBSGNY)
Ohio Students of the Urantia Book
Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association (GLMUA)
URANTIA Association of Canada
The UB in Ottawa-Gatineau
Finland URANTIA Association
Estonia URANTIA Association
The University Campus Urantia Book Club

International Sites

Urantia Readers International
Urantia Book International
The first Indian website dedicated for introducing the universal truths of the Urantia Book

UB Readers (Place Cursor Here)

Famous Urantians
Another Compilation of Famous Urantians
Vicki Arkens
Jean Arthur Ascher
Jean Barr
Lu Bartolomeo
Stephen Beam
Byron Belitsos
C. Beyer
Matthew Block
Kwan and Kathy Choi
Jim Cleveland
Curtis Cooperman
Sharon Drake
Norm Du Val
Elizabeth Engstrom
Don Estes
Carol Herren Foerster
Andrea French
Frank and Vicky Giannangelo
Mark Gibbons
Cathy Ginter
Peter Holley
Robert W. Hunt
Bob Hurt
Frank Jakubowsky
Ed Joyce
Robert H. Kalk
Halbert Katzen
Kurt Kawohl
Suzanne M. Kelly
Monica and Paul Kemp
Terry Kruger
Doc Livingston
Steve McIntosh
Daniel Megow
Mary J. Michael
Ernest Moyer
Chet Olson
Karen L. Pressler
Saskia Raevouri
Robert Sarmast
Thorpe Saxton
William Sprague
Don Tyler
Robert Venosa
Karen de Balbian Verster
Cedomil Vugrincic
William Whitehead
Chris Yandall

UB Readers: Sites in Languages Other Than English

Jean Ascher (Danish)
Christian Ruch (German Newsgroup)
Werner Sutter (German)
Paul and Malgorzata Jaworski (Polish)
Richard E. Reyes (Spanish)

Other Groups including those related to the Teaching Mission

Teaching Mission Archives Portal
Teaching Mission Archives
Daynal Institute
Teaching Mission Network
The Correcting Time by Fred Harris
The Ambassador Site
11:11 Progress Group
Harp of God
The Portal

Legal Documents

Michael Foundation's Copyright Case
E. Kwan Choi vs. Urantia Foundation Trustees

Challengers of Credibility

Caligastia Home Page

Skeptics and Critics

A Portrayal of the UB as a Danger to (Fundamentalist) Christians
One Response to the Above Portrayal
The Urantia Book and the Blood Atonement
Dan S. (withCHRIST.org)
Dale E. Essary, Evangelical Christian, Rejects the Authenticity of the UB
A Review of Martin Gardner's Urantia, the Great Cult Mystery
Eric Pement's Cornerstone Magazine Article
Reply to Eric Pement
The Watchman Fellowship Profile of the UB
Let Us Reason Ministries
Skeptic's Dictionary Entry

Urantia Book Apologetics

The Coming Scientific Validation of The Urantia Book

Some Quotes from The Urantia Book

[Jesus said:] "I admonish you ever to remember that your mission among men is to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom--the reality of the fatherhood of God and the truth of the sonship of man. Proclaim the whole truth of the good news, not just a part of the saving gospel. Your message is not changed by my resurrection experience. Sonship with God, by faith, is still the saving truth of the gospel of the kingdom. You are to go forth preaching the love of God and the service of man. That which the world needs most to know is: Men are the sons of God, and through faith they can actually realize, and daily experience, this ennobling truth."

The Urantia Book, page 2052, 194:0.4.

"Jesus swept away all of the ceremonials of sacrifice and atonement. He destroyed the basis of all this fictitious guilt and sense of isolation in the universe by declaring that man is a child of God; the creature-Creator relationship was placed on a child-parent basis. God becomes a loving Father to his mortal sons and daughters..."

"God the Father deals with man his child on the basis, not of actual virtue or worthiness, but in recognition of the child's motivation--the creature purpose and intent. The relationship is one of parent-child association and is actuated by divine love."

The Urantia Book, page 1133, 104:4.5.


In 2017-2018 an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program will be launched to inter-link registered Urantia Book focused websites. See additional details [here].


The Urantia Book Websites Directory
Sister Sites Program




Complete details to be available by mid 2017

-- Early draft --
Imagine an internet where all legitimate Urantia Book - related websites are inter-connected to:

      • Further the exposure of the Fifth Epochal Revelation
      • Provide a convenient, well-organized, centrally-located and easily-perused [perhaps even a one-day searchable] list of Urantia Book related Categories and Topics across the many hundreds of websites that exist, to foster and disseminate and their work related to the dissemination of The Urantia Book and its teachings.
      • And that provides a process to improve the visibility and search engine rankings for participating websites

Such are the purposes of this website and especially the 'Sister Sites Program' -- goals within the reach of serious Urantia Book webmaster partners.

The Sister Site Program will provide a simple method for webmasters to install a Urantia Book 'Links' page on their website, AND and a most-convenient means to periodically keep these links up-to-date.

Details will follow.

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