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USGNY offers three types of Urantia Book Search Engines all driven by the same powerful search core. Each of these differ with regard to the look and feel and are appropriate for different venues depending on the user's needs. A brief overview of each search engine follows:

The Urantia Book Super Search (UBSS) Discovery Tool. More than just the best-yet Urantia Book search engine, this latest and easy-to-use search engine variant raises the bar on Urantia Book discovery tools and was specifically designed for any-device-use (it's responsive!) and is highly effective on mobile devices even older smart phones with a humble screen footprint. UBSS also works equally well on medium size screens/devices (iPads, tablets, etc.) and, of course, desktops. PLEASE NOTE: While the UBSS user-interface is visually simple and easy-to-use, under the covers (for the more demanding user) the search term window can accept a variety of powerful and easy-to-use search commands! Please refer to the FAQ for more information and refer to the Directory below to use an ONLINE version or DOWNLOAD a copy for offline/personal use.

SMARTAid. This version was designed primarily for those individuals  who want/need to compare various versions of The Urantia Book for example, to compare the original English version to the latest Spanish translation. Differently-configured SmartAid versions are available to compared the original Engish text to any of the available translations and these versions can be used/downloaded elsewhere on this website. Please refer to the FAQ for more information about SmartAid and refer to the Directory below to use the ONLINE version or DOWNLOAD a copy for offline use.

UBSE5, the Classic search engine. This version is for users who want a more traditionally-styled, easy-to-use search tool AND who will use at least a moderately sized device, for example, a tablet (e.g., iPad) or a desktop. NOTE: You may not find this version suitable for a small-windowed older mobile device. Please refer to the FAQ for more information and refer to the Directory below to use the ONLINE version or DOWNLOAD a copy for offline use.

Use or Download the Search Engines Below

Search Engine Language* Packs

*English version included in all UBSE5 and SmartAid Language Packs

1عربي: Arabic
[TIN # UF-ARA-01-1998-1]
2български: Bulgarian
[TIN # UF-BUL-001-2014-1]
3Hrvatski: Croatian
[TIN # UF-CRO-2014-1]
4Nederlands: Dutch
[TIN # DUT-001-1997-1]
5English Only

[TIN # UF-ENG-001-1955-18]

6Eesti: Estonian
[TIN # UF-EST-001-2010-1 ]
7Suomi: Finnish
[TIN # UF-FIN-001-1993-1]
8Français: French
[TIN # UF-FRE-001-2014-2]
9Deutsch: German
[TIN # UF-GER-001-2015-1 ]
10Ελληνικά: Greek
[TIN # UF-GRC-001-2012-1]
11Magyar: Hungarian
[TIN # UF-HUN-001-2010-1]
12Italiano: Italian
[TIN # UF-ITA-001-2006-1]
13a한국어: Korean (USGNY_URKA)
[TIN # USGNY-KOR-001-2001-2]
13b한국어: Korean (USGNY_CM)
[TIN # USGNY-KOR-000-1996-1]

13c한국어: Korean (UF)
[TIN # UF-KOR-001-2016-1]
13d한국어: All Versions
14Lietuvių: Lithuanian
[TIN # UF-LIT-001-2004-1]
15فارسی: Persian/Farsi
[TIN # UF-FAS-001-tbd-1]
16Polski: Polish
[TIN # UF-POL-001-2010-2]
17Português: Portuguese
[TIN # UF-POR-001-2003-1]
18Romen: Romanian
[TIN # UF-RUM-001-2004-1]
19Русский: Russian (USGNY)
[TIN # USGNY-RUS-001-2006-1]

19bРусский: Russian (UF)
[TIN # UF-RUS-001-1997-1]
19cРусский: Both Russian Versionsn/an/a

20aEspañol: Spanish [Los Escritos De Urantia, en progreso]
[TIN # USGNY-SPA-001-tbd-1]

20bEspañol: Spanish [El Libro De Urantia]
[TIN # UF-SPA-001-1998-1]
20cEspañol: Both Spanish Versionsn/an/a
21Svenska: Swedish
[TIN # UF-SWE-001-2010-1]
22Türk: Turkish
[TIN # USGNY-TUR-001-2017-1]
* TIN: Translation Identification Number
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